Why buy a bully?

Why buy an American Bully?

American Bullies are known for their confident look, and muscular bodies. They are also a great addition to an active family lifestyle. Through high demands and rising popularity, these dogs are popular amongst progressive people.

How long do the bullies live for?

10-15 years if nutrition and exercise is

Are bullies aggressive dogs?

Just like any other dog, if at any time a dog feels mistreated, hurt or threatened the American bully can get defensive. It is best recommended that the dog grows with the family as a puppy, just so that the dog gets familiarized with everyone.

Are they easy to tame/train?

When given the right love and attention, the American Bully Breeds are very fast learners.

How big do they grow?

The Males can grow to 50-100 pounds while females are a little smaller weighing from 40-80 pounds.

Do they need a lot of exercise?

General walks and exercises are good for the dog. Typically the bullies need about 30 to an hour worth of exercise. The more exercise it gets, the calmer the dog

What type of food is good for the dog?

High in calorie dog food that typically has whole grain and high protein are generally an ideal diet for the American Bully.

Why are they expensive?

because of the rise of demand and popularity, it is usually difficult to find American Bully dog breeders.

Do they shed alot?

American Bullies do not shed too much and require minimal bathing.

Do they make reliable service animal?

YES! These dogs are just as smart as any other dogs.


Yes they do, in the right hands of a good owner, the dog can be trained for any task.