Welcome to Dynastik Lil Bullies

Dynastik Lil Bullies is a family owned and operated kennel, located just North of New England. We house our dogs in their own living space. Each dog gets to run the 2 acres of open land with lots of wooded areas to explore, play and socialize with one another. We care for our *woof* pack as our own. Let’s look into sizing up your woof pack today! 

Here at Dynastik little bullies, we pride ourselves with breeding some of the most exotic and genetically well groomed bullies, they are well tempered, loyal and loving companions. Each of our bullies is UKC (United Kennel Club) registered with Purple Ribbons and are eligible for registration with ABKC and other bully registries. Our mission is to show the world that bullies are some of the greatest dogs to have as a part of your family!

Our litter of puppies has just been born and are looking for a forever home. We also offer adult size bullies ready for purchase. Place a down payment today for an opportunity to bring home an exotic American bully! Feel free to see what we have available in our litter of bullies.

Current Breedings

Sire: Stocky

Dam: Kloudy

Description Here! 

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